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Look Ahead: March 13, 2022

Growing up in West Virginia meant that after school, I had a long, hilly road to walk in order to get to my house. I typically didn't mind walking "in three feet of snow, up hill, both ways", however, there were certain times that walk home after school felt like it took an eternity. Those certain times I'm talking about: Report Card Day.

For many students, receiving the report card can cause anxiety and for others, it's a joyful occasion. The intent of the report card is to give an update of the progress made in school. Additionally, once we enter the workforce, we begin receiving reports of our work through performance evaluations. These reports are often used to reward performance or to find areas in need or improvement.

In our journey through Ephesians, Paul received a report about the church in Ephesus. In Ephesians 1:15-23, we will read about the report Paul heard and how he responded. By using the links below, you can read through the passage, find a devotional in Ephesians, and read through a prayer - all designed to prepare your heart for worship this Sunday.

Sermon Title: A Spiritual Report Card

Sermon Passage and Take Notes: Click Here

Worship Time: Sunday Worship 10:10 A.M. CST

Radio Station: 1460 AM; 93.3 FM

Past Sermons: Youtube Channel

Valley of Vision Prayer: CHRIST ALONE

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