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Look Ahead: The Hero of Christmas


Who is your hero?

Childhood heroes are often depicted as the good guys who fly faster than a speeding bullet into danger in order to save an entire population from disaster. The older we get, heroes become the brave men and women who serve in the military, our fearless emergency service workers, courageous doctors/nurses, caring teachers, or loving family members.

While others flee from harm, we recognize heroes are those who insert themselves in harms way in order to save others.

We enter a Christmas season where uncertainty remains. Our world is broken. Our feeble attempts to fix the brokenness will only leave us searching for more answers. We need a Hero - someone to insert themselves into the story of our lives and save us.

Starting December 12, 2021, First Baptist Church of Carmi will begin a new sermon series titled "The Hero of Christmas". While many are searching for someone to rescue us from the brokenness, we will see that the Perfect Hero has already come. So join us at 301 Oak Street (or live stream at: at 10:10 AM as we hear good news about the Hero of Christmas.

Service Times:

Sunday School 9:00 AM

Sunday Worship: 10:10 AM


301 Oak Street, Carmi, Illinois 62821

Important Dates:

Christmas Schedule

Children's Christmas Play, December 12, 10:10 AM

Christmas Cantata, December 19, 10:10 AM

Christmas Eve Service and Candle Light, December 24, 5:30 PM

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