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Look Ahead: June 5, 2022

The GPS on my phone has become useful many times. With the advancements of technology, real time GPS can not only give directions, but also give updates regarding traffic and travel time. No matter if the trip is long or a few blocks away, I have learned to rely on the Global Positioning System to help me reach my destination.

Using my phone GPS while on a lengthy hike deep in the woods is a different story.

While hiking, one will soon find out phone receptivity is limited at best and often ineffective. Instead of relying on an electronic device in the wonders of nature, most trail systems in the USA have markings on trees that are used to communicate to hikers. These markings are called "blazes". Trail blazing is helpful way for hikers to know which path they are traveling and the direction they need to continue.

In our journey through Ephesians, the Christian life is often described as a "walk". Christians are called to walk on a certain path in our walk with God, but how do we know the way? The culture that surrounds us communicates one way while we also struggle with our selfish desire to go another way.

Yet, God has provided a blaze on the trail before us. He will not leave us on the path of life alone. So, join us this Sunday at First Baptist Church of Carmi as we examine the two paths before us and the Trailblazer that has gone before us. Below, you will find a place to take sermon notes, a devotional, and more in order for you to prepare your heart for worship this Sunday. Invite a friend and we look forward to worshiping our Great God with you this Sunday!

Sermon Title: The Christian Trail Blaze

Sermon Passage and Take Notes: Click Here Valley of Vision Prayer: Lord's Day Worship Worship Time: Sunday Worship 10:10 A.M. CST Live Stream Link: Radio Station: 1460 AM; 93.3 FM Broadcast time from 9AM-10AM each Sunday. Visitors Next Steps: Click Here

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