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Look Ahead: November 21, 2021

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

When you hear good news, are you excited to tell someone or do you keep the news to yourself?

A missionary once told the story of a women who believed with the Good News of Jesus. The woman was excited about her faith in Jesus and wanted to tell others about the Good News of Jesus, however, she was blind and could not read or write.

One day she went to the missionary and asked for a Bible that was in the French language. In her new Bible she marked John 3:16. The woman would then go to the local school and as children were dismissed, she would ask the children if they could read French. If they could read French, she would then ask them to read the verse that was marked and ask them if they understand what that verse means. She would then go on to explain John 3:16 to the children.

As a result, she saw twenty four children place their faith in the Good News of Jesus.

I reference this story (From here) because this woman had good news to share and went to great lengths to share the good news of Jesus! I would like to invite you this Sunday at 10:10AM as we continue our journey through Acts and hear how God is calling First Baptist Church of Carmi forward with Good News!

Sermon Passage:

Sermon Question:

Why do God’s people (The Church) go forward with the Gospel?


Heavenly Father, I thank you for the Good News of Jesus Christ. His life, death, and resurrection brings life. You have called me to share this Good News with others and I ask that you give me the courage, wisdom, and strength, to go to great lengths to share the Good News of Jesus with others. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Service Times:

Sunday School 9:00 A.M. CST

Sunday Worship 10:10AM CST

Live Stream Link:

Radio Stations:

1460 AM

93.3 FM

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